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May 26, 2014

Some Catchy Apps for Camera of Android

Camera For Android: This apps let you to enjoy Panaromic effect with high quality. Now time of note down the drawback of this app and its cant has option benefit from HDR effect and the Photo sphere features.

Snap Camera HDR: It is rich featured application and offer features like Panaroma, Burst mode, a timer, and HDR.

Camera 360 Ultimate: This android app developed with dual image like neither it is neither simple nor complicated. Let you to have easy mode of shooting by hiding any most of the extras.

Camera Awesome: most popular app as art the time of this android application development, android developers includes all the featured like face detection, selection of composition frames, level, and permanent flash function and many more.

Best HDR Camera: Android app with capacity of to take 19:6 shots at a lower pixel density with HDR camera. This simple to use application let you o enjoy the true 4:3 preview.

So, if you are one of android programmer and want to develop android app for camera then you have great idea over here what to focus and you can make the best with combination of all these.