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Jun 3, 2014

Cross Platform App Development Vs. Native Mobile App Development

In today’s time we have two options for mobile app development. What to choose that depending upon needs of business. Both cross platform and native mobile app development has their own pros and corns. Let’s have look for that…

Native mobile application development:

Native apps are simplifying our lives with its modernism features. In this case you are surrounded to use the particular language according to the platform offered. They are working with only one platform. You need to develop different mobile apps for different platform. You do not have freedom to use html and jQuery. Lack of using numerous features.

Cross platform mobile app development:

Here, you are free to use HTML5 and jQuery. Moreover, applications developed under this phase will let you to have permission on running iOS, Android, etc. Let you to enjoy platform compatibility, audio-video supportability, and conformity with mobile browsers. That’s why it has grabbed the concentration of pioneering web owners that will give custom mobile applications to their clients across the world. In terms of functionalities, we would like to say that you can have numerous innovative functionalities to utilize for app development.